Fittings & Glands

Time tested and innovative conduit industrial fittings, cable glands and cord connectors move power simply and safely in any electrical installation.

Cable Glands – Designed for strict adherence to global specifications meeting North American and international codes and standards including NEC, CEC, ATEX, IECEx, and regional certifications.

Conduit Bodies and Outlet Boxes – Hazardous – Conduit boxes and bodies for installation in hazardous area conduit systems to act as pull and splice outlets, mounting outlets or supports for luminaires, or sealing fittings.

Conduit Seals, Breathers and Drains – Conduit sealing fittings that provide ventilation in enclosures, prevent accumulation of moisture in electrical systems, and prevent the passage of gases, vapors, and flames through conduit runs into other portions of an electrical installation.

Condulet® Conduit Device Boxes – Non-hazardous – Conduit device boxes for installation in non-hazardous area conduit systems to accommodate wiring devices, act as pull boxes, or provide openings for taps and splices.  Available in two box depths with a wide variety of hub configurations and sizes.